Frequently Asked Questions
Adams Street Park
What are the plans for the area between Adams Street and I-15 in Midvale?
  • A new 3.7-acre park will be constructed on the west side of Adams Street between the Copperview Recreation Center Park and Harvard Drive.
  • The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Midvale City worked closely together throughout the design process.
  • The park will include the following features:
    • Sidewalk paths​
    • Trees
    • Lights
    • Benches
    • Open grassy areas
    • A detention basin
    • A fenced dog park

When will the Adams Street Park be open?

  • The park is anticipated to be open by the end of May 2021. 

Where will I be able to park my vehicle to access the new park?

  • Small parking lots are located at the north and south ends of the park. 

  • On-street parking will also be allowed along the length of the park on Adams Street. 


What will the dog park look like?

  • The dog park will include two fenced-in grassy areas with separate socialization areas for little and big dogs. 

  • A double-gated entrance will be on the west side of the dog park, where owners and pets can acclimate before they enter the park. 

What is a detention basin, and will it always hold water?

  • A detention basin is used to temporarily store stormwater runoff and prevent localized flooding. 

    • UDOT plans for the hundred-year storm and conducted studies to decide the volume the detention basin can hold. ​

  • This area will be lined with sod and double as a recreation area. ​

  • No, the detention basin will not always hold water. 

    • Water collected during a storm event will drain from the area. ​

Map image showing details of the Adams Street park
General Construction Information
What is the construction schedule? 
Construction began in August 2019 and is expected to be complete by summer 2021.  

How do I stay informed? 

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What is a collector-distributor system? 

A collector-distributor system parallels the mainline freeway and connects to more than one entrance/exit to the freeway. This system improves traffic flow by allowing mainline through traffic to bypass exit and entrance ramps. (See graphic below).

Collector Distributor System Graphic

How long will night work continue? 

Night work will occur up to seven days a week through the duration of the project.  

What should I expect during construction?  

Drivers, residents and businesses in the area can expect the following during construction:

  • Day and night work

  • Noise, dust and vibrations

  • Construction lighting at night

  • Construction vehicle traffic

  • Traffic shifts

  • Lane closures

  • One-way flagging

  • Road closures and traffic detours

  • Sidewalk closures and pedestrian detours

How do I contact the project team? 

You can reach a project team member 24/7 by calling our hotline at 801-747-9950. You can also email us at