Frequently Asked Questions

Jan. 30, 2018 –

Public Scoping Meeting

When will construction begin and end?
  • Construction is expected to begin summer 2019 and continue through 2020. 

How long will home demolitions last in Midvale?
  • Crews began demolition activities in this neighborhood in late December 2018. Property acquisitions are ongoing, with the majority of home demolitions expected to be complete by late summer 2019. 

Has the decision to move forward with Alternative 3 already
been made?
  • Yes; through the Environmental Assessment process, it was determined that Alternative 3 is the only one that reduces both morning and evening congestion and improves safety. Alternative includes two separate Collector-Distributor systems and will be built in two phases.

Would UDOT need to acquire and remove the community center as part of this project?
  • The Copperview Recreation Center would not be removed. However, this project will require partial acquisition and converting the softball fields into soccer fields. 

Will this project impact the cemetery?
  • No; the Midvale City Cemetery will not be impacted by this project.

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