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Construction Update  - July 6, 2020

The following construction activities and associated traffic, pedestrian and residential impacts are located along northbound I-15 in Midvale, Sandy and Draper cities. 
Note: Construction activities and schedule are subject to change.


9000 South Interchange in Sandy

On Tuesday morning, July 7, drivers should expect a new traffic pattern on the on-ramp from westbound 9000 South to northbound I-15 (see map below). Travel lanes will be split so crews can install a temporary column designed to support steel beams on the north side of 9000 South. The column is needed to set the girders for the bridge.

Northbound I-15 between 9000 South and 8600 South

On Friday and Saturday nights, July 10 and 11, crews are scheduled to restripe all northbound I-15 lanes between 9000 South and 8600 South into a temporary configuration. Lanes will be narrowed and shifted to the west. This configuration will remain in place while crews continue bridge and ramp work at 9000 South. To complete the striping, lane closures will be in place on I-15 and the northbound on-ramp starting at 10 p.m. I-15 will be reduced to one lane from midnight to 5 a.m. each night.


126 South; Creek Meadow Road to State Street

UDOT will resurface this section of roadway beginning in May 2020. If you have questions, you can contact a project representative at 855-740-8740 or For more information about this project, visit

What to Expect BY LOCATION


Northbound I-15: Bangerter Highway to 7200 South 

  • Narrowed shoulders.

  • Daytime and nighttime lane closures on mainline I-15.

  • Daytime and nighttime lane closures on interchange off-ramps and on-ramps. The ramps will remain open to traffic during lane closures.

  • Express Lane converted to a general purpose lane.

  • Site preparation activities, which include:

    • Installing utilities and drainage.

    • Clearing landscaping and dirt.

    • Removing the concrete barrier.

    • Installing temporary barrier and fencing.

    • Saw cutting.

    • Concrete grinding.

Midvale: 7200 South to Copperview Park

  • Catalpa Street: Lane shifts and one-way flagging between 2nd Avenue and Millennium Way, day and night. (Not shown on map.)

  • Center Street (7720 South): Bridge work is ongoing. Lane closures day and night between Main Street and Chapel Street. The north sidewalk is closed and pedestrians will be detoured to the south sidewalk. Flaggers are stationed on the south sidewalk as needed.

  • Oak Street: Daytime road closure on the south curve, just west of Chapel Street. Sidewalk closure and pedestrian detour in place day and night. 

  • Wasatch Street (8000 South): Bridge work is ongoing. One-way flagging between Allen Street and Chapel Street day and night.

  • Adams Street: Day and night work continue in this area for activities associated with the Collector-Distributor system. Noise wall installation has begun near the Wasatch Street bridge.

Sandy: 8600 South to 11400 South

  • Harrison Street: The south curve is closed to traffic and pedestrians.

  • 9000 South Interchange: Utility and road work are ongoing. Nighttime lane closures on the northbound off-ramp and on-ramp.

  • 255 West: Permanent road closure between 9000 South and Monroe Street.

  • Monroe Street:

    • One-way flagging and lanes shifted from 9400 South to east of 255 West, day and night.

    • Sidewalk closure just south of 255 West.

    • Lanes shifted on Monroe Street and 300 West, both near 9400 South. All lanes open during peak commute times.

    • Southbound lanes shifted from Town Ridge Parkway to the Mountain America Credit Union building. (Not shown on map.)

  • Cross Streets: Nighttime lane closures on 9000 South (shown on map) and 10000 South, 10600 South and 11400 South. (Not shown on map.)

Draper: 11400 South to Bangerter Highway

  • State Street: Lane closures day and night between 11900 South and 12150 South.

  • Minuteman Drive: Daytime and nighttime lane closures, lane shifts, narrowed shoulders and one-way flagging between 12450 South and 13200 South. Flaggers will be stationed at various locations on Minuteman Drive to assist with traffic flow and business access.

  • Cross Streets: Nighttime lane closures on 11400 South and 12300 South. (Not shown on map.)

What to Expect Project-wide

​Drivers, residents and businesses can expect the following during construction:

  • Day and night work

  • Noise, dust and vibrations

  • Construction lighting at night

  • Construction vehicle traffic

  • Traffic shifts

  • Lane closures

  • One-way flagging

  • Road closures and traffic detours

  • Sidewalk closures and pedestrian detours