Construction Update - March 27, 2020

The following construction activities and associated traffic, pedestrian and residential impacts are located along northbound I-15 in Midvale, Sandy and Draper cities. 
Note: Construction activities and schedule are subject to change.

Upcoming Activities 

Northbound I-15 (Bangerter Highway to 7200 South): 

Traffic on I-15 has recently decreased due to people telecommuting and staying at home during recent events. As a result, nighttime lane closures will begin earlier in the evening on mainline I-15 and the off-ramps and on-ramps. Our project team will regularly monitor traffic flow and adjust lane closure times as needed.

Utility Work throughout the Project Area:

Crews are installing utilities and drainage throughout the project area and will continue for the next several months. Lane shifts, lane closures and one-way flagging are being used to keep traffic moving while the work is conducted.

Center Street (7720 South) in Midvale:

Next week, crews will continue driving piles for the bridge foundations on the north side of Center Street. Nearby residents and businesses should expect increased noise and vibration from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. 

Minuteman Drive in Draper:

On Monday, March 30, crews will begin removing the concrete barrier along Minuteman Drive and will install new barrier beginning the following week. Lane shifts and one-way flagging may be used to facilitate this work.

Other Projects in the Area


Cornell Drive in Midvale:

Midvale City is currently working on a utility project on Cornell Drive, east of I-15. This construction is separate from the I-15 Northbound project. If you have questions, please contact Midvale City’s Public Works Department at 801-567-7235.

Ongoing Activities

Northbound I-15: Bangerter Highway to 7200 South 

  • Narrowed shoulders.

  • Nighttime lane closures on mainline I-15.

  • Nighttime lane closures on interchange off-ramps and on-ramps. The ramps will remain open to traffic during lane closures.

  • Express Lane converted to a general purpose lane.

  • Site preparation activities, which include:

    • Installing utilities and drainage.

    • Clearing landscaping and dirt.

    • Removing the concrete barrier.

    • Installing temporary barrier and fencing.

    • Saw cutting.

    • Concrete grinding.


Midvale: 7200 South to Copperview Park

  • Catalpa Street: Lane shifts and one-way flagging between 2nd Avenue and Millennium Way, day and night. (Not shown on map).

  • Center Street (7720 South): Bridge work is ongoing. Nightly lane closures between Main Street and Chapel Street. The north sidewalk is closed and pedestrians will be detoured to the south sidewalk.

  • Oak Street: Daytime road closure on the south curve, just west of Chapel Street. Sidewalk closure and pedestrian detour in place day and night. 

  • Wasatch Street (8000 South): Bridge work is ongoing. One-way flagging between I-15 and Chapel Street day and night.

  • Adams Street: Day and night work continue in this area for activities associated with the Collector-Distributor system.

Sandy: 8600 South to 11400 South 

  • Harrison Street: The south curve is closed to traffic and pedestrians.

  • 9000 South Interchange: Utility and road work are ongoing. Nighttime lane closures on the northbound off-ramp and on-ramp.

  • 255 West: Permanent road closure between 9000 South and Monroe Street.

  • Monroe Street:

    • One-way flagging from 9400 South to east of 255 West, day and night.

    • Sidewalk closure just south of 255 West.

    • Traffic shifted on Monroe Street and 300 West, both near 9400 South. All lanes open during peak commute times.

    • Southbound lanes shifted from Town Ridge Parkway to the Mountain America Credit Union building. (Not shown on map).

  • Cross Streets: Nighttime lane closures on 9000 South, 10000 South, 10600 South and 11400 South. (Not shown on map).

Draper: 11400 South to Bangerter Highway

  • State Street: One lane closed in each direction during off-peak commute times between 11900 South and 12150 South.

  • Minuteman Drive: Daytime and nighttime lane closures, traffic shifts, narrowed shoulders and one-way flagging between 12450 South and 13200 South. Flaggers will be stationed at various locations on Minuteman Drive to assist with traffic flow and business access.

  • Cross Streets: Nighttime lane closures on 11400 South and 12300 South. (Not shown on map).

What to Expect 


Drivers, residents and businesses can expect the following during construction:

  • Day and night work

  • Noise, dust and vibrations

  • Construction lighting at night

  • Construction vehicle traffic

  • Traffic shifts

  • Lane closures

  • One-way flagging

  • Road closures and traffic detours

  • Sidewalk closures and pedestrian detours

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